Conférence régionale et exposition de l’ACI Afrique  
(18 au 22 avril 2015 · Casablanca, Moroc)

"Collaboration pour une Aviation Sûre, Sécurisée et Durable en Afrique"
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ATNS SOC Limited is responsible for air traffic control in approximately 10% of the world’s airspace. Our services extend further than the familiar air traffic control service, into the provision of vitally important aeronautical information used for all flight planning purposes as well as search and rescue coordination activities and the maintenance of a reliable navigation infrastructure.

ATNS continues to serve the ATM community through the deployment of leading technologies, as well as continual improvement of safety levels. We understand that as an entity our excellence in business can only be appreciated and valued when we ensure financial, social and environmental sustainability. We have prioritized sustainable development by minimizing our own carbon footprint, and we are closely working with our stakeholders to minimize the environmental impact of their operations through flight efficiency programmes and other “best practices” initiatives.
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AERIA (Abidjan International Airport) an Ivorian limited company with assets of 1.418.040.000 FCFA has been in charge of the management of the Felix HOUPHOUËT-BOIGNY International Airport since 1996.

After the 1st Concession of 15 years has helped AERIA to turn the 600.000 passenger-capacity platform into a hub of 2 million passengers, the state of C.I has granted a new concession of 20 years since 2010.

With the technical partnership of EGIS-AVIA group one of the world’s leading companies in the concession of Transport infrastructures and engineering, the Abidjan International Airport is modernizing.

The upturn is effective with 1,300,000 passengers for the year 2014, a record never attained before even during the best of the improvement of the Air Traffic in the 90’s. Aeria is presently conducting major works in order to make the FHB international Airport more competitive and attractive for Air companies and also to make it the reference Airport in West Africa.
Founded in 1988, Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd (WIETC) is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in overseas engineering & construction project contracting, coordinated with overseas real estate development, natural resources exploitation, manpower services, logistics service and capital operation etc. WIETC has been consecutively listed among the world top 250 international contractors by the US Engineering New-Record (ENR) since the year of 2007, and it ranks 164th in 2014. It’s also the Vice Chairman of China International Contractors Association.

Over 20 years, WIETC has successfully performed more than 300 projects throughout Africa, Asia and South America, including airports such as Maya-Maya International Airport in the Republic of Congo, Togo Lomé Capital Airport, Malabo International Airport in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Kinshasa International Airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo (just won the bid), and roads, stadiums, water supply facilities, etc.
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AI Shatei Business for Airport Services (ASBAS) was established in 2004 the division AI Shatei Business Establishment for Services and focused in aviation handling grounds services providing Airport Transportation focusing for Airport Passenger bus, Medical Lift, Crew Bus for aircraft, VIP car Service and Wheelchair services with disabilities passengers that servicing major domestic and international airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing excellence and professionalism designed for ground service provider to our airlines companies' needs.

With over eleven years of experienced in airport bus transportation ground handling, we are able to cater to the individual wishes of our contracted airlines clients and ensure trouble-free handling. King Abdulaziz International Airport is one of the fastest and most efficient airport hubs in the world.
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FENYADI, première marque d’artisanat haut de gamme du Maroc, est née de la fusion des talents de designers internationaux et d’artisans marocains au savoir-faire ancestral. 

FENYADI crée, renouvelle et réinvente en permanence pour offrir au monde des objets sublimés, des atmosphères uniques et un style de vie empreint d’harmonie et de beauté. 

Ambassadeur de l’artisanat marocain de luxe, FENYADI s’engage à valoriser le savoir-faire des artisans, à le perpétuer et à le faire voyager au-delà des frontières.
From check-in to the delivery of bags, through Hold Baggage Screening, ALSTEF, a specialist for Baggage Handling Systems, provides efficient solutions to optimize the processing time of baggage, assure flexible operations, reduce costs of maintenance, and save energy.

ALSTEF helps airports to adapt their existing systems to new standards such as the integration of the new standard 3 screening machines.

Its range of products include fast automatic baggage drop off. ALSTEF develops its BAGXpress with the latest concept of BAGXPress lite designed for self-service that can also be used as a traditional check-in desk with an operator.
Founded in 1865 in Basel, Switzerland, Dufry is a leading global travel retailer operating over 1650 duty-free and duty-paid shops in 60 countries in all five continents. Dufry’s retail channels are airports, cruise lines, seaports, railway stations and downtown tourist areas.

Dufry provides its customers with prestigious brands from more than 1500 suppliers. The company’s 20000 employees serve the needs of the customers in different shop concepts such as general travel retail shops, Hudson, Hellenic Duty Free Shops, Nuance, Dufry Shopping and others.

The Company, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland is a public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and the Brazilian stock exchange.
HTDS is a high-tech detection systems distributor dedicated to security (X-Ray scanner for baggage, cargo and vehicles, metal detectors / magnetometers, CBRNE solutions, people screening ...).

With a full range of equipment suited to each area of activity (airports, ports, railway station, police forces, customs, transport companies, prisons ...) HTDS brings expertise at every stage of the implementation of your solution: consulting, installation, training and maintenance.
Ikusi's offer for the airport sector is underpinned by its experience spanning over 35 years and by its command of cutting-edge technologies geared towards the airport business.

Ikusi’s solutions and services provide the perfect combination of improvement in passenger experience and operational efficiency. As a specialist integrator in airports, IKUSI tackles complex projects in spheres like airport information, security, non-aeronautical revenues, and real-time operational planning and management.

Ikusi solutions and services are in operation in over 120 airports in 25 countries across the world, and serve more than 250 million passengers.

Pour le secteur des aéroports, Ikusi base sa gamme de produits sur ses plus de 35 ans d’expérience et de savoir-faire dans les technologies de pointe spécialisées pour le secteur des aéroports.

Les solutions et services d’Ikusi combinent de manière optimale la satisfaction des passagers et l’efficacité de l’exploitation. En tant qu’intégrateur spécialisé dans les aéroports, Ikusi met en place des projets complexes dans des domaines tels que les informations dans l’aéroport, la sécurité, les sources de revenus autres que l’aéronautique, la planification et la gestion des opérations en temps réel.

Les solutions et services d’Ikusi fonctionnent dans plus de 120 aéroports de 25 pays du monde entier et sont utilisés par 250 millions de passagers.
International Duty Free Shops (IDFS) is the leading duty free retailer in Morocco, operating 23 Shops in 10 airports, a Diplomatic Shop in Rabat, and a PX Shop serving UN officials in Minurso.

Serving Morocco for over 25 years, IDFS offers the best brands at the best prices in Tobacco, Wines, & Spirits, Fragrances & Cosmetics, Confectionery, and Fashion & Accessories. IDFS is also the exclusive distributor of Lacoste and Longchamp in Morocco's Travel Retail.

Come visit us at our booth to experience your "Last good buy before you fly!"
'Quality is irreplaceable'. Living up to this principle, Kusch+Co develops and produce top of the range airport seating. The long lasting products with their well-known design meet the high standards on the international markets as well as high customer’s expectations – more than 180 international airports have chosen Kusch+Co terminal benches.

Wanzl is known as one of the world's leading manufacturer of transport trolleys, customers’ guidance systems and prestige shop fitting solutions, evolving from years of pioneering in the field of shopping trolleys. Wanzl’ s passenger baggage trolleys are combining the attributes of long lasting quality, modern design, excellent functionality and good value for money.

With more than 10 year experience in the African airport market, MTC Consulting is specialised in high quality airport related equipment while representing and promoting quality manufacturer as Kusch+Co and Wanzl among others. 
Meraj International FZC is a premier manufacturer of Special Application Trucks and Pumps. MERAJ is a 37 years old brand and started its operation in 1978 and today has become a leading and comprehensive solution provider to the specialized vehicle industries having international reputation among customers for customized, value added vehicles solution. All Meraj manufactured vehicles meet the highest international standards such as NFPA, ICAO, BSS & EN. Meraj has experience and skill to utilize all type of Japanese, European and American chassis, based on customer requirements.

Over the years, Meraj has designed and built various type of Fire Fighting vehicles, Municipal vehicles, Cranes, Access Platforms, Fueller, Refueller and Pumps for fixed installations. We have extensive products range and client base in Europe, Middle East, Caspain Area, Far East and etc.

MERAJ offers to distributors and end users full range of high quality Rescue Tools, Fire Fighting Equipment and PPE hence we have requested from you to send us your demand to study.
OCEM Airfield Technology is a global full portfolio provider of airfield ground lighting systems and turn-key solutions.

With a long history and qualified references worldwide, we propose a complete range of certified products in compliance with the main international standards (ICAO, IEC, FAA). We are able to meet the needs of every type of airport, thanks to our wide product portfolio:

  • A full range of LED and traditional halogen lights and guidance signs
  • Constant current regulators
  • Control and Monitoring A-SMGCS (both PC or PLC Based)
  • Single Lamp Control and Monitoring
  • Runway protection systems
  • Turn-key systems
Rosenbauer is an internationally active corporate group that is a dependable partner of the fire fighting community all over the world. The company develops and produces vehicles, fire fighting systems, fire & safety equipment and telematic solutions for professional, industrial and volunteer fire services, as well as installations for industrial fire protection. Its ability to supply products from its own European, American and Asian production facilities enables it to cover all the main standards environments.

With its own service and distribution network, the Group is an active player in more than 100 countries. As a leading international manufacturer of fire fighting equipment, Rosenbauer – with its many innovations – is a driver of technical progress in the fire fighting sector. With commitment and high capability, its over 2,700 employees all around the world work on products that stand out for their remarkable functionality and attractive modern design.

The Rosenbauer Group’s annual revenues of € 738 million make it the world’s biggest fire equipment supplier. Now in its sixth generation, this exchange-listed family enterprise has been at the service of firefighters for more than 145 years. Customer orientation, innovational strength and dependability are the core strengths of Rosenbauer.
Morpho Detection is a leading global supplier of explosives, narcotics and threat detection systems to government, military, air and ground transportation and other high-risk organizations. More than 40 countries and 250 global airports have chosen Morpho’s explosives detection systems (EDS) for hold baggage screening. In addition, more than 23,000 explosive trace detectors (ETD) have been shipped to airports, air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and secure locations worldwide.
SWISSPORT Maroc SA, est une filiale de Swissport International Ltd.

SWISSPORT Maroc SA prend en charge les services d’assistance au sol (ground handling) au niveau de 9 aéroports marocains pour assister plus de 30 compagnies aériennes.

Depuis son démarrage le 1er octobre 2012 SWISSPORT Maroc SA a traité plus de 40 000 vols et a chargé environ 3,5 millions bagages soit 45 000 tonnes de plus de 5 millions de passagers au départ.

SWISSPORT International Ltd assure des services d'assistance au sol pour plus de 229 millions de passagers et traite 4,1 millions de tonnes de fret par an et sert plus de 700 clients dans le secteur aéronautique.

Avec un effectif d'environ 58 000 personnes, SWISSPORT International Ltd a une présence active sur plus de 265 aéroports de 45 pays dispersés sur les cinq continents et génère un revenu opérationnel consolidé d’environ 2,9 milliards de Francs Suisses.
Depuis 1996, Ultranet met en œuvre tous les moyens matériels et humains pour être à la pointe de la technologie dans les domaines de la sécurité, de la sûreté, de l’aéroportuaire et du ferroviaire.

Ultranet propose une large gamme d’équipements de protection et d’intervention, d’équipements et de véhicules anti-émeute, de véhicules de lutte contre l’incendie, d’équipements d’escalade et de sauvetage, de produits de décontamination et de déminage, d’équipements de détection d’explosifs, de drogue, de métaux et de radioactivité.

Ultranet est le distributeur exclusif de : CRISTANINI, WISS, LUKAS HYDRAULIC, MORPHO DETECTION, HTDS.
Leading company in the field of security for more than fifteen years, VISIOM commercializes global technological solutions meeting the needs of Air, Sea and Surface Transports as well as Private and Public Facilities.

People screening (Millimeter Wave Portal, Metal Detection, Trace Detection, Biometrics, CCTV)

Hand Baggage screening (Automatic X-ray, Conventional X-ray, Trace Detection, Liquid Checkers)

Hold Baggage screening (EDS Automatic X-ray Standards 1, 2 and 3, Stand Alone)

Freight, cargo and Vehicle Screening (Fixed Conventional X-ray, Mobile Conventional X-ray, Human Presence Detection, Trace Detection)

Service (Engineering / R&D, Training, Maintenance, Renting Events)

VISIOM is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

VISIOM distributes L3-Com, Gilardoni, Astrophysics, Garrett and Bruker products.
Wawrzaszek ISS (WISS) développe et fabrique, conformément aux procédures de contrôle de qualité ISO 9001 :
  • des véhicules anti-incendie.
  • des véhicules de sauvetage.
  • des véhicules aéroportuaires.
  • des containers et des remorques.
  • des plates-formes hydrauliques.
  • des pompes anti-incendie pour l’emploi dans le secteur industriel, militaire, aéroportuaire et de la protection civile.
Zodiac Arresting Systems America is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft arresting systems.

EMASMAX®, the latest version of Zodiac Arresting Systems America’s Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is an aircraft arresting system that is installed at the end of commercial airport runways to safely decelerate aircraft in overrun situations.

Composed of lightweight cellular concrete, Zodiac Arresting Systems America’s EMAS predictably crushes under the weight of an aircraft, bringing it to a controlled stop. These systems are installed on over 90 runways worldwide, with a perfect safety record.
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