ACI-Africa World Business Partners (WBP)

Organizations, other than airlines, which are suppliers for, or provide services in, on for airports have the possibility to join the airports community through the World Business Partner (WBP) programme. Typical WBP members are academic institutions, airports consultations, equipment suppliers, software companies, architecture, design, construction companies, and other service providers. WBP members located in Africa can benefit from the services available to Business Partners at the world level.

As a member of the World Business Partner (WBP) programme, the member will enjoy unparalleled opportunities to meet with airport executives, play a more active role in the rapidly evolving airport industry. Members will gain privileged access to ACI conferences, publications, the dedicated WBP website, and ACI committees allowing them, among other things, to:

  • Maximize their business connections in the airport industry;
  • Meet regularly with a global network of airport executives;
  • Gain valuable knowledge to help tailor their business offering(s) to airports needs;
  • Showcase their products and services;
  • Expand their presence in regional and worldwide markets;
  • Obtain distinctive WBP branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Influence the collective work accomplished by ACI committees; and  
  • Contribute to the policy making of ACI


ACI Africa WBP membership is open to companies and organizations, other than airlines, providing services in, to or for airports, and which desire to participate in ACI.


Members of the ACI Africa World Business Partner Silver Programme, €3,000 per year (€ 1,500 for small businesses*) will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:


  • ACI-Africa Website link;
  • Advertisement on ACI-Africa Website;
  • The use of the ACI-Africa logo, in line with, the official logo guidelines.

Access to Information

  • ACI-Africa Members Directory
  • ACI-Africa annual traffic report (PDF format)
  • ACI World Monthly traffic statistics report (electronic version)

Conferences & Events

  • Members rate to attend all the ACI-Africa events
  • Special rates for exhibition at the ACI-Africa events  
  • ACI-Africa Conferences presentations upon request (as available)
  • Opportunity of promotional inclusion in the ACI-Africa events

Additional Benefits:

  • Inclusion in the ACI-Africa events & Conferences Mailing List;
  • Priority response to requests for information to the ACI-Africa Regional Office;
  • Participation in ACI-Africa Regional Committees
  • Opportunity to purchase mailing list of complete ACI-Africa memberships (hard copy or electronic version)


The members’ enhanced benefits with the ACI Africa World Business Partner Gold Programme (in addition to the benefits included in the Silver Programme), € 5,000 per year (€ 2,500 for small businesses), include but are not limited to:  

  • Potential nomination of a representative to the ACI Africa Board and 3 ACI Africa Working Groups (Economics & Environmental, Human Resources, Safety Security and Facilitation), subject to approval by the Chair and Vice Chair of the WG),
  • Upon request, receiving lists of airport CEOs and committee members, once per year;
  • Receiving larger discount(s) on ACI Africa exhibition stands and advertisements and Company’s logo inclusion in ACI Africa publications and websites.

Affiliate Membership

Should a member’s company, already be a World Business Partner in another region of ACI, it is possible to opt for the ACI Africa World Business Partners benefits by joining the affiliate membership of ACI Africa and paying only 50% of the ACI Africa annual contributions for World Business Partners.

Please note that the level of membership should be selected according to the desired level of ACI Africa benefits.

Associate Membership

  • Institution (Government, Non Profit, etc.) : €2,000 per year
  • Individuals – Consultants : €1,000 per year

To apply, please download, scan and complete the ACI-Africa World Business Partner Program application form and email it to:

Should you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact the ACI Africa Regional Office at

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