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Assistance Mission

ACI Africa encourages the exchange and sharing of valuable experience in various airport areas through a collaborative and voluntary approach and provides to African airports the services of African subject-matter experts for short term missions up to 10 days.

Under the AADP, ACI Africa is able to offer to its member airports specific assistance missions in the following areas of Human resources, safety, security, maintenance, airport design, and rescue and firefighting services:

Specific Assistance Missions

RefField /
Title /
Language /
Duration / Durée
Days / jours
1ARFFÉlaboration des procédures de sauvetage et lutte contre les incendies des aéronefsFR5
2ARFFPractical training for firefighters on aircraft simulatorEN3
3ARFFFormation pratique des pompiers sur simulateur aéronefFR3
4UrgencePermanence de Commandement en pratiqueFR5
5UrgenceExercice en salle (Tabletop) sur un accident d'aeronefFR5
6UrgenceExercice sur site - accident d'aeronefFR5
7UrgencePlanification des mesures d'urgence en pratiqueFR5
8RHGestion de crise pour les leadersFR2
9RHFormation des formateursFR3
10RHLe Manager PerformantFR2
11RHLe LeadershipFR2
12RHManagement OpérationnelFR3
13MaintenanceOnsite practice on Airside Maintenance and InspectionEN5
14MaintenanceBalisage Aéroportuaire (Niveaux 1 et 2)FR8
15MaintenanceGroupe électrogèneFR5
16MaintenancePasserelle télescopiqueFR5
17MaintenanceSystème de traitement des bagagesFR8
18SafetyOnsite practice on Airside Operations and MaintenanceEN5
19SafetyOnsite practice on Airside SafetyEN5
20SafetyOnsite practice on Apron Safety Management EN5
21SécuritéFormation pratique sur la conduite d'audit et d'inspection de la sécuritéFR5
22SécuritéÉlaboration des plans de contrôle des obstaclesFR5
23SécuritéFormation pratique sur la Sécurité Aéroportuaire (Annexe 14)FR5
24SafetyICAO Annex 14 in PracticeEN5
25SécuritéFormation pratique sur l'inspection des pistes et gestion des chausséesFR5
26SécuritéFormation pratique Instructeur permis piste FR5
27SécuritéLa Juste Culture Sécurité en pratiqueFR5
28SécuritéLa qualité: élaboration procédures et archivage des donnéesFR5
29SafetyPractice of Airport Safety AuditEN5
30SafetyOnsite Runway Condition Assessment and ReportingEN5
31SafetySafety and Airport Operations in practiceEN5
32SafetyRunway, Taxiway, Apron Planning and Design - hands-on practiceEN5
33SafetyPlanification et design des infrastructures pistesEN5
34SafetySafety Management System in practiceEN5
35SécuritéSystème de Gestion de la Sécurité en pratiqueFR5
36SûretéFormation pratique sur l'imagerie radioscopique de sûretéFR5
37SûretéDéfinition des limites de sûreté aéroportuaire et de zonageFR5
38SûretéFormation pratique de l'instructeur sûretéFR5
39SûretéFormation pratique sur la sûreté  FR5
40SûretéGestion de risques sûreté en pratiqueFR5
41SûretéGestion de crises sûreté en pratique FR5
42SûretéSûreté fret  en pratiqueFR5
43SûretéPréparation des exercices sûretéFR5
44SecuritySecurity crisis management on siteEN5
45SecurityOnsite training of security instructor EN5
46SecurityPractical training on threat image projectionEN5

If your specific field of assistance is not listed above, kindly send your request to ACI Africa below.  We will endeavor to develop such assistance mission for you.

After the internal approval process and budgetary considerations, ACI Africa will provide the selected assistance mission free of charge to a member airport except for the costs of the airfare and accommodation for the expert on site, which have to be borne by the member airport.

If ACI Africa is not in a position to provide the requested area of expertise internally, then it may have recourse to the services of one of its recognized business partners. In this case, the assistance mission will be provided by ACI Africa in partnership with the business partner at cost.

Request for Assistance Mission

Request for an assistance mission has to be made officially by the Authorised Representative of the airport to the Secretary General of ACI Africa.

Please send by email the duly filled online form with the official signature of the Authorised Representative of the airport at:


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