Airport Rescue & Firefighting Incident Command

Course Title
Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFFS) Incident Command

Course Duration
 2-day in-class / on site or
 6 hours online virtual classes + 6 hours offline over 2 days

Course Aim
The ARFFS Incident Command course introduces participants to the ARFFS Incident Command system and explains its general principles, including the various roles and responsibilities required to maintain a high level of safety at the fire ground (aircraft accident / crash site) and the major elements of fire ground safety.

Target Population
 ARFFS personnel

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
 Know organisational responsibilities appropriate to their operational roles.
 Understand and perform dynamic risk assessment and establish safe systems of work.
 Develop command competence to the operational role of an Operational Commander.

Course Contents
Module 1
 Course Introduction (Aim and Objectives)
 ARFFS incident command system
 Fire ground operating environment
Module 2
 Dynamic risk assessment
 Decision making process
 The dynamics of an incident
 Mobilising & enroute
Module 3
 Arriving & gathering information
 Tactical plan
 Closing of incident
 ARFFS incident commander’s Competency
Module 4
 ARFFS Safety Management System
 Tabard
 Interagency liaison
 Cordon
Module 5
 Sectorisation
 Summary
 Tactical Command exercise


26 - 27 Oct 2021

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