Project Description

Alpha Airport is able to meet the majority of the needs of medium-sized airport or helipads, from the initial project or feasibility study stage to the completion of complete turnkey installations, for modernization or extension of their installations.

Its services consist of:
– Carrying out studies of any kind relating to airport facilities, including project management or project management assistance;
– Engineering studies allowing the client to define the appropriate system;
– The definition and manufacturing launch of the system components;
– Packaging and transport of materials to remote sites;
– Installation and execution of necessary civil works in liaison with local partners or supervision of this facility;
– Testing, adjustment and commissioning;
– Training of user personnel in operation and maintenance;
– Maintenance of the system;
– Guarantee management.

In addition to its technical competence, ALPHA-AIRPORT’s know-how is distinguished by its managerial capabilities and project management:
– Our employees are constantly listening to our customers, advising them and accompanying them in expressing their needs;
– Each in his or her role, they ensure that the project stakeholders all move in the same direction with a positive spirit in order to complete the projects on time;
– They work in transparency and promote communication, which is essential for efficiency and for successful collaboration.

Over time and the execution of projects in common, a lasting trust is established between our teams and those of the customer, which ensures the efficiency of the operation and maintenance of the installations realized and, through the feedback provided, improve the quality of our future services.