Project Description

With over 4,000 successful projects delivered in 100+ countries, our experts have provided trusted consultancy and design and engineering solutions to institutions, ANSPs and airport operators through almost every significant change in the industry.

We’re proud to offer end to end aviation consulting, engineering and operational services, giving you access to some of the best minds in the industry along with trusted processes, powerful tools and advanced systems.
Our key areas of expertise:

  • Consultancy: Access leading global aviation experts
  • Design and engineering: Build better infrastructure and systems
  • Project management: End-to-end support for complex and safety-critical projects
  • Operations and maintenance: Secure the experience of established airport operators
  • Sustainability: Reduce carbon, mitigate environmental impact and use ‘green’ energy
  • Digital and cybersecurity: Leverage data to improve operations, inform strategy and manage risks
  • Future air mobility: Drive change with practical innovation and transition planning