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Information on COVID-19

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus2. It is a droplet and surface contact spread disease, primarily transmitted between people during close contact, often via small droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and talking. People who have contracted the virus but are asymptomatic always represent the greatest risk and challenge in the screening process.

ACI Africa is working closely with its partners on the continent and at the global level since the outbreak of COVID-19 to provide information, guidelines and advice to African airports on appropriate measures that will protect health and welfare of travellers, staff and the public, and helping reducing the spread of the disease.

Preparation for the Restart at African Airports

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on aviation has been and will continue to be unprecedented in its magnitude and scope for the industry.

Though many African airports have responded well to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a number of measures to prevent the entry and spread of the virus through their air border, it is now vital that we urgently put in place an adequate operational plan to allow for the smooth and coordinated reopening of the airports on the continent after the end of the lockdown and the reopening of national, regional and international borders.

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Access the Guidelines

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Winners of ACI Africa Competition of the Best Restart Plan for African Airports

ACI Africa is proud to announce the winners of its highly successful Competition of the best plan for the restart of activities at African Airports,
launched in April 2020 and which saw the participation of a number of airports on the continent.

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Kenya Airports Authority


‘Our Mindsets amidst COVID-19’

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Aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros


‘No Kiss and Fly’

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Namibia Airports Company


‘Resumption of activities’

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ACI Africa Webinars

ACI Africa is organizing a series of webinars over the months for its members providing guidelines as well as sharing best practices for a consistent and harmonized restart and a sustainable recovery of the airport industry in Africa. These interactive webinars will help serve as a communication bridge between ACI Africa and its members, between airport members and between airports and business partners in these times of severe travel restrictions.

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Guidelines and Best Practices

Guidance videos

More guidance materials…

ACI Post COVID-19 Aviation Security Playbook (13 August 2020)

CART Infographics in English by AFRAA (August 2020)

CART Infographics in French by AFRAA (August 2020)

IATA Position on COVID-19 Testing (04 August 2020)

ICAO Global Implementation Roadmap (July 2020)

WASB Temporary Reductions of Airport Capacity (17 July 2020)

Ali Tounsi Podcast to African Aerospace and Arabian Aerospace (17 July 2020)

Return to the Skies by SITA (11 June 2020)

Ali Tounsi Interview to Aviation & Allied Business Journal (June 2020)

A useful guide about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic by Boris M (01 June 2020)

Duty Free World Council Operational Steps for reopening (May 2020)

Dufry Global COVID-19 In-store Protocol

ACI Economic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on the airport business (05 May 2020)

EASA SAfety Information Bulletin for Aerodromes restart guidelines (04 May 2020)

COVID-19: Strategizing airport operations for the new norm by ST Engineering (29 April 2020)

Status of the Industry: Airlines and Air Travel – ICF (28 April 20)

Impact Assessment on Airport Operations Asia-Pacific and Middle East (28 April 20)

ACSA South Africa Contact Risk Mitigation for Passenger Flow Touchpoints

COVID-19 African Aviation briefing by ALG – Insight for African Airports and Airlines (17 April 2020)

Related Travel Restrictions – A Global Review for Tourism UNWTO (16 April 2020)

Lufthansa Consulting – Airports in Crisis: Measures to respond and recover from COVID-19 (07 April 20)

Tackling COVID-19 in Africa by McKinsey – 01 April 20

Africa CDC Guidance on Community Social Distancing for COVID-19

Africa States COVID-19 Diagnosis Capacity

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

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