Regional Committee

Environment & Sustainable Development


  • Develop policy positions for African airports with respect to environment protection and sustainability.
  • Participate and relay regional positions to the respective World Standing Committees and vice-versa.
  • Establish forums for interaction and exchange of views to promote best practices and professional excellence on the subjects concerned.
  • Develop relevant working documents on related issues affecting the region.
  • Develop and contribute to current and related aviation and airport topics and provide advice and views on areas open to discussion on certain regional and international themes.
  • Provide advice on the policy positions of ACI Africa as recommended by the Board.
  • Provide updated recommendations to the ACI Africa Board.
  • Support and promote environment protection at African airports
  • Facilitate and promote environmental and sustainability awareness at African airports.
  • Identify and help in developing relevant training programs and provide expertise to support the implementation of environment management systems and sustainability strategies at African airports.

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Environment & Sustainable Development