ACI Africa Security Week

It is not the first time that the aviation industry has been deeply affected by catastrophic events, but the current crisis is radically changing the aviation sector. The airport community has been hit hard since March 2020, with all airports experiencing very long periods of reduced activities or even complete closure.

Many employees have been forced to stay at home, away from their workplace, their colleagues, and simply their daily professional life. And many of them are still in this situation. Airport operators have implemented drastic cost-cutting plans, reducing their payroll and non-compulsory trainings.

But we should not forget that Security remains an absolute priority in the air transport sector. It is a real guarantee of confidence for passengers and contributes considerably to the ever-increasing development of the airport business. If security is compromised, it can result in its decline with very serious economic consequences.

Security is provided every day by all the people involved in air transport industry, whether they are airport staff, airlines, ground handlers, air navigation services and government agencies, amongst others. To fulfill their missions, these staff, irrespective of their hierarchical positions, follow training courses (initial and continuous) where themes related to security are always discussed, with the objectives being to:

  • Encourage the aviation industry to adopt a security mindset and to act in a security conscious manner
  • Raise awareness on security issues in aviation activities.
  • Find the right equilibrium among safety, security, facilitation and passenger experience
  • Promote an effective and sustainable security culture as a core and critical value from the top.

This year 2021 is considered by the ICAO as a year dedicated to security culture. For ACI Africa, this is a unique opportunity to promote security through the awareness of staff and the airport community on the theme:

“Promotion of Security Culture at African Airports”

Security Week 2021, to be held in October preferably, is a unique opportunity for all industry stakeholders, both internal and external, to discuss and exchange on security issues as well as to raise awareness on civil aviation security. Finally, this week-long event aims to involve all airport staff on the need to maintain and promote aviation security at all times.

Download the toolkit (download here) which will guide you on the launching and management of this event.

For more information on ACI Africa Security Week 2021, please contact Mr. Mostafa JBARA, Secretary of the Regional Committee on Security at