Airport Certification Assistance

The assistance to airport certification, which ACI Africa provides to needy African airports under the AADP, consists of the following:

  • Drafting of required manuals, such as the Aerodrome Manual, Safety Management System and Airport Emergency Plan, which are all mandatory documents in the certification process.
  • Training of key personnel in the fields of ICAO Annex 14, Safety Management System, Airport management, Airport Rescue and Firefighting, Airport Emergency Planning, Obstacle limitation Surfaces and Global Reporting Format.The training is routinely provided in French, English or Arabic as dictated by the local environment.
  • On-site missions to review infrastructure, facilities and services to ensure that there are no non-conformity during the audit inspection for the certification by the authorities concerned.

Please contact ACI Africa on aci.africa@aci-africa.aero for any assistance on certification of your airport.

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