ACI Africa HR Excellence Awards

The HR Excellence Award recognizes the critical role and prime importance of human resources management in the delivery of efficient and sustainable airport performance whilst ensuring fairness, equity and meritocracy in the management of staff, which remains the most important asset of an airport.

The goal for implementing an HR Excellence Award is to recognize the importance of human resources management in airport performance. This recognition will be used to:

  • Encourage airport managers to include in their corporate strategy an approach on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those relating to gender equality (SDG5) and decent work and economic growth (SDG8),
  • Encourage decision-makers to put in place innovative initiatives for the benefit of staff to achieve the airport’s strategic objectives,
  • Support competency building in the African airport sector,
  • Encourage the efforts of airport personnel,
  • Share best practices in terms of HR management in the airport community,
  • Give visibility to airports leaders in HR fields,
  • Develop a culture of excellence in airport management in Africa,
  • Showcase the contribution of airports to the development of our region, and
  • Lead by example and position the airport industry as a model in the continent regarding diversity, gender equality and sustainable development.