Project Description

FOD*BOSS was invented in 1994 and has since been adapted to serve many different industries, including highway and road construction. At Aerosweep, we have worked with partners throughout the world to secure roads, military installations, and airport facilities. Our FOD removal technology is fast, silent, and durable. It poses no threat to the environment and efficiently removes foreign object debris to increase safety.
This extraordinary, patented runway sweeper is the only equipment designed exclusively for collecting foreign object debris, or FOD. Our FOD*BOSS sweeper collects debris such as nuts, bolts, pavement fragments, washers, rivets, stones, sand, and gravel, inexpensively and with amazing efficiency. It also has a pick-up rate unmatched by any other sweeper on roads, runways, military installations, race tracks, and other sporting facility surfaces.
Our single equipment FOD sweeper is specially designed to capture and remove many types of objects. Available in 8- or 10-foot-wide sweep widths, it captures objects with a specially designed impact-resistant Debris Retention Blade™, which integrates brushes that capture FOD using friction. Elevated ribs in the blade move captured items over internal barriers to create capture zones, so FOD is contained during cornering and doesn’t slide sideways.